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Dot Girl Products 1The Dot Girl First Period Kit® from Dot Girl Products (, is a fun (yes, it can be done), informative, stylish and straightforward tool to introduce girls to their first period and make it easier for parents to deal with this necessary conversation and transition in a girl’s life.  Making periods less scary is the company goal and The Dot Girl First Period Kit® is helping families across the country make that happen.

Kathy Pickus, along with her sister, Terri Goodwin, founded Dot Girl Products in December 2006.  They brought their experience as daughters and mothers to help parents honestly address an uncomfortable topic.

Their motivation to create The Dot Girl First Period Kit® grew from their own awkward teenage experiences. Despite the fact that their mother was a wonderful nurturer to four daughters, she was never comfortable talking to her daughters about their bodies.  They found that this is more often the rule than the exception for both moms and dads.  And the reality today is that parents often find themselves in the awkward position of having avoided the subject at all costs, to the detriment of their daughters.Dot Girl Products 2

The company’s goal for the kit is to provide parents with the information and supplies needed to explain the basics of menstruation to their daughters.  And for the girls, they hope that having the kit will lessen their anxiety about their first period and instead turn it into a positive experience.

Dot Girl supports schools and non-profit organizations with free ‘What’s Normal?’ bookmarks and a 25% discount on The Dot Girl First Period Kit® with a minimum purchase of six kits.

The Dot Girl First Period Kit® is endorsed by the Women’s Health Foundation ( as it is in complete alignment with WHF’s mission to educate girls and women about pelvic health and wellness.  A portion of the proceeds from Dot Girl sales goes to WHF’s research and development of evidence-based programming in schools and communities.


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