The PLWG Proudly Partner with Cookies and Cream Couture, Inc.

Cookies and Cream CoutureCookies and Cream Couture is an online community and  boutique for biracial families and their precious, curly-haired beauties and cuties! Yaritza Thompson, CEO and Designer, created Cookies and Cream when her daughter began to question the uniqueness of her hair.  Not only was it different from many of the children in school, but it was different from her mother’s as well.  Mrs. Thompson begin to speak to her daughter about inner beauty and she explained that her physical beauty was the unique way God decorated her on the outside.  

According to  Mrs. Thompson, “her innocent curiosity and longing to be like mommy and her little brother broke my heart.  This was intensified as children on the playground talked about her hair, often confused by why hers was so curly and “fluffy” and theirs was straight”.

Cookies and Cream was inspired by Mrs. Thompson’s love for her family and the desire to teach her children to embrace and appreciate their uniqueness.  The products are colorful, vibrant, and positive in regards to curly hair and overall inner and outer beauty.

Mrs. Thompson makes it crystal clear.

” I want them to believe me when I say, “You are African American.  You are Puerto Rican.  You are beautiful and you do not need to explain yourself to anyone.”  They are not losing one culture over the other but embracing the beauty of being “BI-CULTURAL AFRO-LATINOS!”

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  1. Xavier, 2 years ago Reply

    Now this show’s the PLWG’s openness to be diverse! Great job PLWG…and this looks like a nice up and coming business!

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