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sweet honey child logoSweet Honey Child (SHC) has everything to do with fostering self esteem and empowering little African-American girls to be proud of their uniqueness. When a four year old African-American girl requested a Barbie to celebrate her birthday party, the mother and her aunt became concerned when the little girl insisted that she wanted a “White Barbie” only. The auntie of the little girl, Jeri Stone, realized there were no selections in the current market that little African-American girls could identify with. There were little or zero everyday products encouraging, reinforcing and celebrating the importance and beauty of little brown darlings.

Exactly 14 years ago, Sweet Honey Child came into being with the aim of celebrating all brown girls across the United States and globally at large.

SHC Objective

shc earringsEssentially, Sweet Honey Child provides a place for the celebration and exploration of little brown-skinned sweeties with products reflecting their culture, style, enhance their heritage while reflecting their glorious beauty. SHC main objective is making these little sweeties to feel very special through accessories and products they are able to see themselves and who they are in. Every child feels comfortable in familiar surroundings and seeing who they are in accessories and products they love and use is a source of great comfort, pride and immense fun.

Brown Girls Low Self-esteem

Realities in modern American and immense studies over the years have indicated the African-American girl is highly likely to growshc barretts up with negative and low self-esteem, portraying a pitiable self-image in comparison with a white girl. Right from when the African-American girl is born, there is a lot of work to be done to help her fight and rise against negative stereotypes and images to grow up valuing her worth.

Apart from letting black women, both young and old who have surmounted all odds to rise to the global stage and transformed the world such as Oprah, Maya Angelou and the latest darling of the Cinema, Lupita Nyong’o, little brown girls need quality products that speak to them, remind them who they are and influence their image positively while instilling a racial pride most of them do not have. Sweet Honey Child does this perfectly through its range of products, which have grown from a line of three products in 2000 to a lifestyle brand that celebrates little brown girls, fosters self-esteem, and empowers them to be proud of their distinctiveness.

Book Club 

Tutu cute pretty doll shcSHC runs a book club where books are specially selected by the company’s consultants, such as Kelly Starling Lyons, aimed at bringing together special sweet girls and their parents to come together and read some of the sweetest book picks that foster self-esteem, creativity, independence while honoring families and their heritage. Sweet Honey Child Book Club includes lots of updates, book giveaways and other vital information including the newly introduced SHC magazine.

SHC Products

SHC has diverse items in so many categories such as accessories, clothing, jewelry, party themed products, stationery, room decor and much more, geared towards celebrating little brown girls who deserve only the best that goes beyond making them pretty, but comfortable in their own skin as well. In fact, most of the products are customizable for those who would like to make the products personalized to their own little beautiful girls’ tastes.

Through its mission to impact and reach as many girls as possible, Sweet Honey Child works with lots of groups and agencies that also provide services for and to African-American girls.



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