Pushy or Passive Leadership – Where Do You Stand?


passive or pushy

Pushy leaders care primarily about one thing….having it their way. They come across as abrupt, impolite, and unpolished. Passive leaders avoid taking action or making decisions until no action becomes their action. Passive leaders come across as people with a leadership title and no desire to exercise their power. Here we have two extremes, but the same results – damaging or ineffective leadership that will compromise the mission and vision of the business.

“Pushy may win the battle but it loses the war”  Leadership Freak

“Passive leadership is associated with lower perceived support, weaker organizational identity, less citizenship behavior, and greater workplace incivility”    CBIA News Magazine

How does one find balance? For the pushy leader, work towards being assertive. Acknowledge the ideas of others. Consider cooperation and teamwork. For the passive leader, become more active and engage in business operations. Taking into consideration the input of others, make decisions, especially when situations deem it necessary. Finally, attempt to recognize passive behavior and take action to change it.


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