Founder of Empower Her, Inc. – Kara Norman

Kara Norman is not only a great leader, she is a dear friend of Kim Taylor, Network Administrator of the PLWG and founder of Afro Puffs and Ponytails.  The two have teamed up on various projects and they continue to work together as co-leaders and dear friends.


Kara Norman2PLWG: Mrs. Norman, please share with our followers a little about yourself

Mrs. Norman:  I am a wife (celebrated 16 years of marriage in December..whohoo!) and mother of two girls (Ages 16 and 10) with a passion to help empower women and girls to be their BEST selves! I love a great party/celebration and I love social change getting – to the root of the issue and creating change. I suffered from low self esteem as a girl and young woman and I feel that if I can help create a generation of strong women and girls they can avoid many of the struggles I went and go through.  I enjoy photography, dancing, traveling (especially to Negril, Jamaica) spending time with my family and of course a great party!

PLWG: What is Empower Her, Inc.?

Mrs. Norman: Empower Her Inc. is a non-profit agency based out of Atlanta, Georgia that focuses on events and programs that create social change in the lives of women and girls.


PLWG:  Please share with us the inspiration behind Empower Her, Inc.

Mrs. Norman: We want to continue to grow our newly launched Mom University program in 2014/2015.  I amKara Norman looking to create educational yet fun events where moms can get support as they navigate in this crazy thing called mommyhood. Also looking to come up with a few empowerment parties for girls this year as well. Finally with the power of social media I am looking at new ways to empower and create social change by using other platforms to reach larger audiences and partnering with other organizations that align with my vision to empower the next generation of leaders.


Empower Her groupPLWG: What advice do you have for young African American/Black Girls?

Mrs. Norman:  As a mom, my advice to my daughters are to try as many new and different things as possible to see what makes them tick, discover what they like and dislike in a safe way.   It is so important to build your self esteem this way.  Also, try to unplug more from social media, not spending so much time on smart phones/computers/devices, but engaging with your family and friends in real time.  Become active and explore the world around you.  They should find opportunities to make a difference in their community to find out what issues are important to them, even at a young age and create social change in your own community by volunteering and serving. Finally, to create a vision board every year and to dream about the goals and things you would like to experience in that year. My youngest daughter at the age of 4 participated in a vision board class we did for our girls group at a college fair we attended.  She was just as involved as the older girls.  You are never too young to dream and explore!

PLWG: Thank you Kara for sharing with us! I am looking for more great things to come from Empower Her, Inc.

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  1. Xavier, 2 years ago Reply

    Congratulations on your feature Kara! You are doing some great things as a mother and as a leader for other moms and girls. Keep it up!

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