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Helpful Tips for Creating Workshops that Engage, Encourage, and Empower Girls

A Girl and her pearls

If you work with girls, you know at times it can be a challenge trying to get them to engage.  You want to make your events fun, interesting, and exciting.   You also want them to learn how to take the information you provide for them and use it.  During this tele-conference, Angela Williams, CEO more…


Creating a Girls Program with Purpose and Perserverance

making it to the finish line

What is purpose? an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal. What is perseverance? steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success Guest Speaker Gladys Pearson knows all about purpose and perseverance should be her middle name.  After all she worked and retired from the public school system after 30 years.  Join the Professional Leaders of Women and Girls as Gladys more…


The PLWG Proudly Partner with Author Crystal Marable of Graceful Girls

Crystal Morgan Marable

Crystal Marable, the Mother-Daughter Connector, mentor and advocate for girls, is the founder of the Graceful Girlz ministry and author of the inspirational children’s book Graceful Gabby Finds Love In Blue. Crystal has a sincere desire for girls to succeed in their lives spiritually, socially, academically and morally. The Graceful Girlz ministry is leading the path more…


Elaine Bryant – Founder of Caring and Sharing, Inc

Elaine Bryant2

PLWG Network : Ms. Elaine please tell us a little about yourself Ms. Elaine Bryant :  I was born into a two parent home with 14 brothers and sisters.  I am the 13th child and learned at an early age the meaning of sharing and caring.  Due to a shortage of jobs, my parents migrated from the South to more…

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Allison James-Frison – Founder of Girls: Live, Love, Laugh, Inc.

Allison James

PLWG Network: Today we are proudly featuring Mrs.  Allison James-Frison, founder of Girls: Live, Love, Laugh, Inc. Giving back to the community for which she was born and raised has always been important to Allison James.  Allison is one of eight children born to the late Mr. Spencer L. James Sr. and Mrs. Zanna E. Hadley-James. Allison grew up more…


Afro Puffs and Ponytails, Inc. is Inspiring African American Girls

Afro Puffs and Ponytails, Inc.

I absolutely love Afro Puffs and Ponytails, Inc. It is all about empowering and inspiring African American teen and young Girls.  This is exactly the kind of inspiration our young girls need.  The organization was founded by Kim Thomas who is an inspirational leader and advocate for black girls.  Kim created the website to provide more…

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