Founder of Kuntry Kidz, Inc. – Elisha Barnes-Booth

Mrs. Elisha Barnes-Booth joined our network in 2012 and we are very pleased to have her on board! She has an organization that provides services to girls and boys in Hattiesburg , Mississippi.

Elisha Barnes BoothPLWG: Elisha please tell us a little about yourself

Elisha Barnes-Booth : I was born and raised in Mississippi.  I’m a mother to three adult children, Gigi to one grandson (CJ), and I live with my wonderful husband Ben and my miniature Schnauzer , Tyson.   I love to read, listen to jazz & neo-soul music. I’m a proud New Orleans Saints fan,  love of all things fleur de lis and proud of my southern roots. I have two other personal  projects launching soon to further use my gift and passion for encouraging women and girls;~Southern Grace, an etiquette business and a blog titled ~Limitless Potential~ My degree is in Business Administration and I attend Shady Oak Baptist Church.  

PLWG: What is Kuntry Kidz, Inc.?

Elisha Barnes-Booth : Kuntry Kidz, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi whose mission is to provide positive EXPOSURE that EMPOWER, ENCOURAGE, & INSPIRE youth and young adults to succeed in school, career and life. We provide workshops that enhance education and personal development, career exploration and we provide ACT prep as well as our annual Youth Leadership Summit. Our group mentoring leadership program is titled GEMZ &GENTZ  for ages 9-18 wherein we mentor our participants upper elementary  through their first year of college to prepare them for college success.

PLWG: Please share with us the inspiration behind Kuntry Kidz, Inc.Kuntry kidz girls

Elisha Barnes-Booth : I was inspired to start Kuntry Kidz after working with youth from rural areas through the local NAACP Youth Chapter. I began to see that these youth were not afforded some of the same opportunities as urban youth yet I knew they were deserving. After they attended various conferences, field trips, I could see the same inspiration in their eyes as I had growing up and was afforded the opportunity of travel during the summer by my aunts that lived in various cities. This allowed me to be exposed to so many different things that you did not see as a kid in Mississippi and my desire is to give that opportunity to others. I wanted the organization to be a vital part of the village between home and school.

Kuntry Kidz group picturePLWG:  What are some of your goals for your business?

Elisha Barnes-Booth :  My goal is to see every youth we serve reach their full potential. Our goal is to grow the GEMZ&GENTZ Mentoring chapters as well as foster their talents in the arts and STEM programs. It is our desire to also be able to provide scholarship opportunity to our GEMZ&GENTZ participants.

PLWG:  What advice do you have for young African American/Black Girls?

Elisha Barnes-Booth :  To develop a relationship with God early in life. Realize that you are one of God’s Precious GEMZ. so value your mind, body and spirit because this is the first step to your LIMITLESS POTENTIAL!

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  1. Rachel, 2 years ago Reply

    Hello Elisha,

    My Father is from Mississippi, and I have always felt that there needs to be some strong people to step up to support youth, and teach them things and to expose them to positive activities and events. Thank you for being one of these people!

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