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  Kim Taylor  

Spell it out!

Spell it out

Often times we focus on the things that may be going wrong, the things we don’t want and we spend to much of our valuable energy and time on those draining thoughts. Learn how to use your powerful battery (your time and thoughts) on what you really want and how to make those things appear, more…

Own Your Passion!

Own Your Passion

Cut your losses, expect many more gains, and do what you gotta do to own your passion.

Win or Learn But Never Lose

Win or Learn

  If you don’t win, learn from the things that transpired and improve upon them so you can win another time.

Be Professional

Be a Pro

Successful People Do This…

Successful People do this

Successful people; Want others to succeed Talk about ideas Give Compliments   Learn New Things   Take responsibility for their failures   Graphics by Sachin Kauchik