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The PLWG Proudly Partner with Author Crystal Marable of Graceful Girls

Crystal Morgan Marable

Crystal Marable, the Mother-Daughter Connector, mentor and advocate for girls, is the founder of the Graceful Girlz ministry and author of the inspirational children’s book Graceful Gabby Finds Love In Blue. Crystal has a sincere desire for girls to succeed in their lives spiritually, socially, academically and morally. The Graceful Girlz ministry is leading the path more…


The PLWG Proudly Partner with Asiah Unlimited, Inc.


A family history of drug abuse, an unknown father, and a low self-esteem are some of the challenges Asiah Wolfolk-Manning faced as a child. With the influence of a strong great-grandmother and positive female role models, Asiah was not only able to overcome those challenges, but achieve many of her dreams. She is the owner more…


The PLWG Proudly Partner with Sweet Honey Child

sweet honey child logo

Sweet Honey Child (SHC) has everything to do with fostering self esteem and empowering little African-American girls to be proud of their uniqueness. When a four year old African-American girl requested a Barbie to celebrate her birthday party, the mother and her aunt became concerned when the little girl insisted that she wanted a “White Barbie” only. The auntie of the little girl, Jeri Stone, realized there were no selections more…

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The PLWG Proudly Partner with Girly Roots – All Natural Hair & Body Goodness

GR Logo

Girly Roots, started by CEO Dawn Daniel, was a solution to her quest for all natural products to use on her daughters’ hair. After trying a host of “all natural” products that she found in stores, she realized that there were still harmful chemicals in many of them.  As most caring and concerned mothers normally do more…


The PLWG Proudly Partner with Cookies and Cream Couture, Inc.

Cookies and Cream Couture

Cookies and Cream Couture is an online community and  boutique for biracial families and their precious, curly-haired beauties and cuties! Yaritza Thompson, CEO and Designer, created Cookies and Cream when her daughter began to question the uniqueness of her hair.  Not only was it different from many of the children in school, but it was more…

The PLWG Proudly Partner with the National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals


The National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals (NAUEP) is the largest etiquette and debutante certifying body for individuals seeking to empower the urban community through civility. Founded in 2012 by Lady Trenette Wilson owner of the award-winning online community,, NAUEP provides basic etiquette and debutante certifications and curriculum for individuals, churches, schools and organizations more…